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A Sims 3 challenge, Difference in the Family Tree -otherwise known as DITFT- is a fifteen generation challenge (with an optional 16th gen that is the 'supernatural' creatures so those whom don't wish to deal with them don't have to) that takes aspects of the Sims3 game and challenges you to try out new things. It has different paths for each generation for replay value and for those whom don't, can't, or would much rather play it their way. Feel free to randomize generations.

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Hey all

I've still got to update the DITFT for ITF. I've been slacking majorly for sims this year I know. The DITFT rules may need to be split up into two posts because of LJ having a limit on characters in a post. Not sure what else to put besides it probably going to have the occults in a different post if ITF can fit in there without having to cut it more.

Completed 2nd DITFT- Colors of Amour

Yep. Completed my second go around. I have plans for a third as soon as I come back from summer jobs. If you'd like to read Colors of Amour it is HERE.

DITFT ~ Supernatural

Going to be updating for Supernatural expansion today. Please be aware that I shall be working on getting everything set and it will be 15 gens and not 16. I will have all occults as a sort of 'bin' for people to chose the order of their supernatural (if they wish for occults) and you can opt to have the supernatual objectives for a gen or even if you want do both or take some of both. It is up to you since this challenge is for your enjoyment. :D

Thank you.

I just want to take a moment and thank all of you whom have been doing my Difference in the Family Tree challenge. Without you, it wouldn't be what it is today. :D

So thanks. :D

Berryfied Zephyr Hill Save


First be sure to download (cc free) Zephyr Hill found in the link above.

Then feel free to download from the link below.

Place stuff in save folder and create new folder for it. Be sure despite whatever you name it that it contains ".sims3" at the end.

The save is cc free (except for skins) though it does require all expansions because I placed Late night lots and Ambitions lots in the town.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to ask...



Make sure to get the Fawkes Skintones from Mod the Sims or you will have black skinned sims!



For Wordpress, I am almost completed in my challege. I am almost finished with gen 15 and 16 will be the final one.

Someone did the great wonder of converting my challenge so that Sims2 players can also try this challenge. You can find it here -> http://www.forums.boolprop.com/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=49287&start=0