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A Sims 3 challenge, Difference in the Family Tree -otherwise known as DITFT- is a fifteen generation challenge (with an optional 16th gen that is the 'supernatural' creatures so those whom don't wish to deal with them don't have to) that takes aspects of the Sims3 game and challenges you to try out new things. It has different paths for each generation for replay value and for those whom don't, can't, or would much rather play it their way. Feel free to randomize generations.

Option One
Expansion Needed: Base Game

  • Date/Marry girl/guy with Loves Outdoors and/or Green Thumb and/or Angler

  • No Woohoo before Marriage

  • Get Married

  • Have both Boy and Girl (NOTE! You can adopt other gender after first child to complete objective)

  • No Watermelons/Apples to sway gender of child


  • Master Gardening Skill

  • Plant Every Plant from Grocery Store

  • Obtain all Plants/Seeds

  • If you get call for learning Steak, Egg, Cheese, Omni plant, complete it.


  • Master Fishing Skill

  • Catch All Fish (without traveling)

Optional Pet
Expansion Needed: Pets

  • Buy 'riding' horse or 'hunting' dog.

Option Two
Expansion Needed: Showtime

  • Join Acrobat Career.

  • Become Level Ten Acrobat

  • Master Athletic Skill

  • Perform For Tips

  • Perform All Miming (Human Statue, Walking in the Wind, Pulling a Rope, Trapped in a Box), Juggling (Fire Baton, Juggle Clubs, Juggle Torches, Juggle Knives), Contortion

  • Try out Balance Ball during show (Recieved as Level 6 Acrobat)

  • Try out Giant Ring of Fire during show (Recieved as Level 8 Acrobat)

  • Perform at Coffee House, Live Venue, Priviate Venue, and Big Show Venue

  • Recieve Steady Gig

  • Have Baby


Option One
Expansion Needed: Base Game

  • Join Buisness Career

  • Max Charisma

  • Reach Level Ten in Buisness Career

  • Partner in a buisness

  • Have arguement (become enemies) with parents.

  • Make 50,000 in family funds from working.

  • Marry fellow worker or boss

  • Get Married, Woohoo, have kids (need not be in that order)

Option Two
Expansion Needed: Base Game

  • Join Journalism Career

  • Reach Level Ten in Journalist Career

  • Max Writing Skill

  • Write 10 articles/books

  • Marry fellow worker or boss

  • Get Married, Woohoo, have kids (need not be in that order)

  • Partner in a buisness/or community lot

Option Three
Expansion Needed: University
Collage Major

  • Go to Univerity

  • Fill out scholarship form

  • Get a degree (3 weeks roughly)

  • Spend at least one term in dorm setting, another term in your own rented place.

Brains of the bunch
Expansion Needed: University

  • Go to all class and lectures

  • Spend free time studying (at least 2 times a week)

  • Go out but only to movies, comic book store, bowling alley, and school

  • (optional) Get a boy/girlfriend while in collage

  • Get all A's

  • Try and get Uni all payed for by scholerships

  • (optional) go through collage again for more then one degree.

Free thinker
Expansion Needed: University

  • Skip and go to classes irregularly

  • Go to some parties

  • Hook up with whomever you are feeling. (Long or short term is up to you)

  • Go back to collage if you want

  • Follow your sims wishes (Sometime)

  • Collect herbs in spare time

Got to Pass this Class But Enjoy Collage
Expansion Needed: University

  • Go to class whenever you feel like it.

  • Host and go to parties

  • Spend time hanging with friends and other people

  • Follow your sims wishes

  • Kiss someone while juiced.

Option Four
Expansion Needed: Island Paradise
Resort Owner

  • Start a resort

  • Have a 5 star resort

  • Own 2 resorts

  • Earn 40,000 in funds from the resort


Option One
Expansion Needed: Base Game

  • Kiss 6 sims

  • Be boyfriend/girlfriend to 2 sims.

  • Get married and have kids (optional with romantic/married spouses)

  • Kill/Divorce spouse (as many times as you wish)

  • Keep ghosts on dead spouses on lot

Expansion Needed: Generations

  • Go on at least ten dates

  • Try not to get bad reputation

Option Two
Expansion Needed: World Adventures

  • Travel to Egypt, France, and China

  • Gain all vista levels

  • Unlock all tombs

  • Marry local of travel locations.

  • Have child(ren)

  • Gain a skill (or more) in Photography

  • Gain a skill (or more) in Necter Making

Option Three
Expansion Need: University
Social Networker

  • Max Social Network Skill

  • Make a blog

  • Get a 5 star blog

  • Ask for donations through your blog (can be done once a day)

  • Use Relation Transmogrifier to set up other sims. (must know both sims)

  • Find love of life through blogging/social networking/sim app finder (if you have seasons you can use online dating)

  • Send text to them even woohooty texts

Option Four
Expansion Needed: Island Paradise
Life Guard

  • Join Life Guard career

  • Level 5 Charisma skill

  • Max Athletic skil

  • Reach level 10 of Life Guard Career

  • Perform CPR on 10 sims

  • Rescue 30 sims


Option One
Expansion Needed: Base Game

  • Master Painting Skill

  • Master Writing Skill

  • Paint 20 paintings

  • Be friends with parents

  • Get 5,000 in royalties (or sell 15,000 from paintings)

  • Paint family pictures (spouse, kids, parents if alive)

  • Join book club (if applicable)

Option Two
Expansion Needed: Ambitions

  • Master Sculpting skill

  • Learn to use all sculpting materials

  • Make ice sculpture of spouse

  • Make at least 5 sculptures

  • Master Painting skill

  • Paint 25 paintings

  • Sell 10,000 in paintings

  • Paint family pictures (spouse, kids, parents)

  • Buy tattoo chair and give spouse and friends tattoos.

Option Three
Expansion Needed: Island Paradise
Scuba Diver
*Requires Island Paridiso or a world with dive lots

  • Start snorkling

  • Self employ self as scuba diver

  • Reach Dive level 10

  • Reach max atheletic skill

  • Dive in all dive lots (may very on how many depending on world you are using)

  • Explore 2 caves

  • Fight one shark

  • collect seashells


Option One
Expansion Needed: Base Game

  • Master an instrument (Base Game: Guitar | Late Night: Piano, Bass, Drums)

  • Learn all songs

  • Get married

  • Join Music career

Rockstar Branch
Expansion needed: Ambitions and Late Night (?)

  • Play concert 5 times

  • Have 3 signings

  • Get tattoo

  • Top Rockstar branch

Symphonic Branch

  • Befriend one co-worker

  • Know all co-workers

  • Level 5 Logic

  • Top Rockstar branch

Option Two
Expansion Needed: Late Night
Part of the Band

  • Master Guitar

  • Master Bass

  • Master Piano

  • Master Drums

  • Find three people for band

  • Start band and Name it

  • Practice for a Gig

  • Play at least 1 Gig

Option Three:
Expansion Need: Showtime

  • Join singer profession

  • Become level ten singer

  • Preform at Coffee House, Private Venue, Live Show Venue, and Big Show Venue

  • Sing Karaoke alone and with another sim

  • Try out DJ booth once.

  • Deliever 5 sing-o-grams

  • Recieve steady gig

  • Have kid(s)


Option One

Expansion Need: Base Game

  • Adopt one boy and one girl (or more if you wish)

  • One of the adopted must be a child.

  • Try for twins until you win. (You can use ways to help the process)

  • Teach toddlers all skills.

  • Help each kid with homework at least once

  • Have five kids of your own (adopted can be included in total)

  • Don't have social worker take kids.

  • Attend 2 of kids weddings.

Option Two
Expansion Need: Generations

  • Join Day Care Career

  • Reach Level 5 (Top level)

  • Have kid (married or not)

  • Get married (must wait until level 3 of Daycare is reached)

  • Witness your child graduating

  • Enroll kid(s) in after school activities

  • Send one to boarding school (if you desire)

Option Three
Expansion Need: Showtime
In the Spotlight

  • Join Film career (Plumbob Pictures Backlot, may need to place it)

  • Max writing

  • Max charisma

  • Become level 5 celebity

  • Have kid

  • Task if appears: Promote movies at bars, Promote movies, Pick up food for shoots,Buy food for colleagues on breaks.


  • Reach Level Ten of Actor branch

  • Befriend co-workers and boss


  • Reach Level Ten of Director Branch

  • Write movie script/ screenplay

  • Befriend Boss


Option One

Expansion Need: Base Game

  • Join Criminal career

  • Master Logic

  • Master Athletic Skill

  • Marry sim

  • Have one 'perfect' child only

  • Befriend Child or have 5 friends minions

Expansion Need: Generation

  • Prank family as teen/child (computer, shower, toilet, couch, treehouse)

  • Prank neighbors as teen (Egg house, a flaming bag of poo and run off, doorbell ditch)

  • Prank school at least twice (Flood the school, toiletpaper pricipal's office, steal tests, deface mascot, release frogs)

  • Recieve prank reputation

Option Two
Expansion Need: Supernatural
Fortune Teller

  • Join Fortune Teller Career (may need to set Gypsy wagon down in world)

  • Perform private reading


  • Reach Level 10 of Mystic Branch

  • Level 5 Alchamy

Scam Artist

  • Master Logic

  • Master Charisma

  • Reach Level Ten of Scam Artist Branch

Option Three
Expansion Need: Late Night

  • Become Five Star Celebrarty

  • Pay off Paparazi Twice

  • Sue Papazzi for slander

  • Have Two Celebrety Friends

  • Go To A Hot-spot Club Once A Week

  • Go To A Hot-Spot Bar Once A Week

  • Try A drink at every bar

  • Dance at every club

  • Find love of your life at bar (make a move there)


Option One

Expansion Need: Base Game

  • Join Political career

  • Reach level ten of political career

  • Master Charisma

  • Throw political/campain party

  • Get 10,000 for campain funds

  • Take funds from campain

  • Donate to charity

  • Get married as an adult

  • Have three kids

  • Get into fight with parent

Option Two
Expansion Need: Base Game

  • Join athletic career

  • get married as adult

  • Master Atletic Skill

  • Donate to charity

  • Go for a run once a week (from one lot to another)

  • Meet someone new once a week

  • Get into fight with parents

Option Three
Expansion Need: University
Art Appraiser

  • Max Rebel Influence (needed)

  • Tagging walls and floors at least 10,  but try not getting caught

  • Organize protests

  • Become an art appraiser (must have max rebel, go through computer)

  • max painting

  • get married before maxing rebel skill


Option One
Expansion Need: Base Game

  • Woohoo service sim (firefighter, burgler, maid, policeman, ect)

  • Have child with service sim

  • Marry service sim

  • Get child with hidden trait (http://www.carls-sims-3-guide.com/traits/hidden-trait-list.php)

  • Have part-time job when teen

  • Have part time job as adult.

  • kick out kid when young adult

  • have best friend forever as teen/child

Option Two
Expansion Need: Ambitions

  • Become a firefighter

  • Reach level 10 of firefighting

  • Max handiness skill

  • Max athletic skill

  • Marry service sim (firefighter, burgler, maid policeman, ect.)

  • Have kid(s)

  • Rescue five sims from blaze

  • put out 10 fires

Option Three
Expansion Need: Pets
Horse Trainer

  • Race at least 25 times

  • Win 10 times

  • Master racing skill

  • Master riding skill

  • Marry someone who has animal lover, dog lover, cat lover, or equistrian trait

  • Have kid(s)


Option One

Expansion Need: Base Game
Law Enforcement

  • Join Law Enforcement Career

  • Master Logic

  • Become best friends with co-worker or boss or partner

  • Have kid or two while Young Adult

  • Marry when Young adult

  • fight burgler and win if burgler gets on lot

Dynamic DNA Profiler

  • Reach level 5 or higher painting skill (while only child/teen)

  • Reach level ten of Dynamic DNA Profiler

Internatal Super Spy

  • Reach level 5 or higher athletic skill(while only teen/young adult)

  • Reach level ten of Internatinal super spy

Option Two
Expansion Need: Ambitions
Private Investigator

  • Become Private Investigator

  • Complete 30 cases

  • Snoop 10 locations

  • Write 5 papers on findings

  • Reach level ten of Private Investigaor Career

  • Go through 5 garbages and 5 mailboxes

  • Don't marry (if you chose) or have kids until Adult

Option Three
Expansion Need: University
Sport Agent

  • Max Jock influence (Needed)

  • Become a sports agent (avalibale through computer once you max out jock skill)

  • get married after you max jock skill

  • Master Athletic Skill

  • Fight with parents

  • Adopt a kid


Option One

Expansion Need: Base Game

  • Join Medical Career

  • Reach level ten of Medical Career

  • Befriend siblings and parents

  • Master Logic skill

  • Give sim medical advice

  • Decide baby gender for a sim

  • Befriend all co-workers

  • Befriend boss

  • Have baby

Expansion Need: Ambitions

  • Vacinate 10 sims

Option Two
Expansion Need: Showtime

  • Join Magician career

  • Reach level ten of Magician career

  • Use Box of Mystery during show (recieve at level 3)

  • Use Box of Danger during show (recieve at level 7)

  • Recieve steady gig

  • Have kid(s)

  • Get married (or not)

  • Practice for tips

  • Show off magic tricks (Instant Cards, Wand into Flowers, Coin From Ear, Free Birds, Balls of Fire Trick, Hot Hands,  Appearing Objects Trick, Levitate)

Option Two
Expansion Need: University
Game Developer

  • Max Nerd influence (Needed)

  • Become a game developer (avalibale through computer once you max out nerd influence)

  • get married after you max nerd skill

  • play video games in spare time


Option One

Expansion Need: Base Game

  • Join Science Career

  • Max Gardening Skill

  • Max Hardiness Skill

  • Level 5 Fishing Skill

  • Resurrect a Ghost (or Two)

  • Find and have death flower in inventory

Expansion Need: University

  • Max science skill

Option Two
Expansion Need: Ambitions

  • Max Inventing skill

  • Invent ten toys

  • Collect from scrap yard at least 5 times

  • Max handiness

  • Max inventing skill

  • Blow up things with detonator twice on lot  and at least once in puplic

  • If time machine is created, have kids through time machine.

  • Find and have death flower in inventory

Option Three
Expansion Need: Supernatural

  • Discover/learn all 44 elixirs (37 can be discovered, 7 books can be gotten from bookstore or elixer consignment store)

  • Make at least 10 of the same type of elixir.

  • Make at least 15 different types of elixirs.

  • Use Jar of Potent Friendship

  • Use Jar of Potent Discord

  • Use Lean and Mean and Large and in Charge on 2 sims.

  • Turn at least 2 sims into Tragic Clowns (using Origin of the Tragic Clown)

  • Use Potent Personality adjuster on you or another sim.


  • Earn/Buy Philosopher stone (use it at least once)

  • Use elixir to create various supernaturals. (either changing yourself or others)

  • Cure one of each supernatural with elixir.


Option One
Expansion Need: Base Game

  • Join cooking career

  • Get to level ten of cooking career

  • Master cooking skill

  • Master gardening skill

  • Marry someone with natural cook traits

  • collect all recepies

Expansion Need: Generations

  • Manage bake sale as child

Option Two
Expansion Need: Late Night

  • Master Mixology Skill

  • Master cooking skill

  • Buy a bar

  • Have a kid

  • Level five gardening skill

Option Three
Expansion Need: Ambitions
Ghost Hunter

  • Join Ghost Profession

  • Get to level 10 in Ghost Profession

  • Catch at least 30 ghosts

  • Convince 15 ghosts to move on.

  • If able, have all ghost types on lot. Or see all ghost types, if possible.

  • Marry a ghost.


Option One

Expansion Need: Base Game
Just'a Player

  • Marry and woohoo a sim of your choice.

  • Have only two kids.(with two different mothers/fathers)

  • Do not get a job (spouse can but the ‘heir’ cannot)

  • Do not help kids with homework or toddler skills.

  • Get another sim pregnant and have them join family household.

  • Read 15 books.

  • Collect Gems when you spot them

  • Collect Bugs when you spot them

  • Collect Rocks when you spot them

  • Don’t change dirty diapers.

  • No skill that lowers fun is to be learned

  • Flirt with 3 sims in town.

  • No dish cleaning (that’s what maids are for)

Option Two
Expansion Need: Base Game
Bit 'o Everything

  • Gain skill level 5 for job (each one that requires different skill)

  • Start Four Jobs, Quit when At Leve Five

  • Meet Co-Workers

  • Have Kid with two different woman/ or get pregnant by two guys /or adorpt

  • Get Married

  • Flirt with at least three sims

Expansion Need: Pets

  • Buy and get rid of pets (one cat, one dog, one horse).

Option Three
Expansion Need: Pets
Pets Hoarder

  • Have no job (unless perhaps if it deals with the animals)

  • Observe all wild animals

  • Get 15 different types of sub-animals (parrots, gerbles, snakes ect)

  • Own 5 cats (doesn't have to be at same time)

  • Own 5 dogs (doesn't need to be at same time)

  • Own 5 horses (doesn't need to be at the same time)

  • Be best friends with at least 5 of your animals (you've always related better to them anyway)

  • Get married(optional)/have baby, separated (divorced, separated, other killed), and have baby with other person.

  • Play with your animals everyday (brushing, walking, or whatever).

NOTE: You have the option of two heirs or pick from military, stylist, architect or a gen/occult you didn't try doing the objectives for and were wanting to fit them in somewhere (saying you didn't place them somewhere already) :3 You may chose different objectives (that you haven't gone through) for your two heirs if you also decide to do that and don't want to do the ones below.

Option One
Expansion Need: Base Game

  • Join Military Careery (for each heir)

  • Level Ten Military Career  (for each heir)

  • Max Athletic skills (for each heir)

  • Max Hardiness skill (for each heir)

  • Buy out a business (one each heir)

  • Adopt (one for each heir)

Option Two
Expansion Need: Ambitions

  • Become stylist

  • Max out Painting

  • Level 5 Charisma

  • Reach level ten in stylist career

  • become best friends with one client

  • Buy a business

  • Have 5 friends


  • Join architectual designer career

  • Max Painting skill

  • Level 5 Charisma

  • Reach level ten designer career

  • Have 5 friends

  • Become best friends with one of your clients

  • Buy a business

Either use as a gen 16, use as a gen replacement, or add to a gen depending on play style.

Expansion Need: Base Game/any ep

  • Resurrect sim (Create Ambrosia) OR create playable ghost

  • Have a ghost baby (have many ghost babies even. With all them ghost colors)

Expansion Need: World Adventures

  • Collect canopic jars from Egypt on your home lot (won't always work)

  • OR collect all pieces of the Cursed Sarcophagus of Kings and after asembling sleep in it for 16 hours. To turn back be sure to have Blessed Sarcophagus assembled and then sleep in it for 8 hours.

Expansion Need: Ambitions

  • Buy or create a simbot

Expansion Need: Pets

  • Befriend a Unicorn

  • Have them join household

Imaginary Friend
Expansion Need: Generations

  • Become best friends with Imaginary Friend

  • Turn Imaginary Friend Real

  • Max Logic

  • Marry Imaginary Friend

  • Have Children with Imaginary Friend

  • Go to prom with imaginary friend

  • Go on date with imaginary friend

  • Ask to marry imaginary friend

Expansion Need: Late Night and/or Supernatural

  • Get Turned Into A Vampire

  • Get Feed On by A Vampire

  • Feed On A donor

  • Master all skills (You got the time/WA is opitional -or use BuyDebug-)

  • Have A love Or Two (depending if you make them a vampire)

  • Make A vampire

  • Have Kid (Let them learn all skills base game skills)

  • Public Woohoo in at least five different spots.

Expansion Need: Showtime

  • Recieve Genie (you can get it through Lifetime Rewards, Doing a lengendary gig, through upgraded [level ten handines] Electro Dance Sphere- Dimential Gate)

  • Use first two wishes on whatever.

  • Free Genie with Third Wish (Freeze, Heat, and Explore Catacomb with lamp then summon and wish freedom of genie)

  • Woohoo Genie and create baby(ies?)

Expansion Need: Supernatural

  • Meet a werewolf

  • Become a werewolf OR have a werewolf in household to control

  • Woohoo with werewolf and create baby

  • Howl, hunt, and form a pack

  • Reach level ten in lycantopy (hidden skill, you know you reached it when you get Full Potential)

Expansion Need: Supernatural

  • Meet a fairy

  • Have baby with a fairy

  • Become OR get fairy in household to control them

  • Use all Fairy Magics and auras

  • Reach level ten in fairy magic (hidden skill, you know you reached it when you get Inner Beauty)

Expansion Need: Supernatural

  • Meet a witch

  • Have a baby with a witch

  • Become a witch OR have witch in household to control

  • Use all magic types

  • Reach level ten in witch abilities (hidden skill, you know when you reached it when you get Reanimation Ritual)

Expansion Need: Seasons

  • Get abducted

  • If a boy, get pregnant by abduction. If girl find an alien and woohoo

  • Alien: Repair broken object, probe another sim, transmute object, sell alien secret(military), steal space rock (science)

Expansion Need: Supernatural

  • Become/Make/see a zombie

  • Make zombie not one


  • Become/Make/see Toadificated sim

  • Kiss sim to make them not toadification or find a sim to kiss you

Expansion Needed: University

  • Become a plant sim or have plantsim in household

  • Have a baby with a plantsim (Forbidden Fruit)

  • Receive or Use  flower kiss and poison kiss

Expansion Needed: Island Paradise

  • Become a mermaid (mermaid kelp) or have mermaid in household

  • Have a baby with a mermaid

  • Summon a mermaid on land

  • Hydrate a mermaid


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Apr. 19th, 2010 05:27 pm (UTC)
Thoughts on my Challenge?
Anyone have any thoughts or question about my challenge for Sims3?
Apr. 19th, 2010 06:01 pm (UTC)
I am really excited to try this. I tend to get really bored and distracted with normal Legacy.
Apr. 19th, 2010 10:48 pm (UTC)
Why thank you. Yeah, I started writing this because I've been wanting to write up a challenge for a while now but wasn't sure how to start so it wasn't dull. I thought about the group of people who are always saying how they want a farm (though we kinda already have all we need minus animals) and just went from there.

If you make a story on it, I'll be sure to follow and read it.
Apr. 21st, 2010 09:01 pm (UTC)

There the link to my story..I didn't finish chapter 1 yet and the pictures suck...I will edit it more later. Tell me what you think.
May. 27th, 2010 09:18 am (UTC)
I came across this in your signature on thesims3 forum. I have to say this is a great idea and I'm really excited to try it. =D
May. 27th, 2010 10:29 pm (UTC)
Thank you. ^-^ If you write a story, please feel free to give me the link. I love seeing how it is going and what isn't working as well.
May. 30th, 2010 04:37 pm (UTC)
I am working on this challenge, although I don't tend to write a try story I am documenting my progress.

May. 30th, 2010 05:14 pm (UTC)
I added you to my wordpress blogroll. You have a very pretty founder.
Jun. 1st, 2010 07:46 am (UTC)
Can we go past Gen. 15?
Jun. 2nd, 2010 07:55 pm (UTC)
Yes you may go passed gen 15
(Deleted comment)
Jun. 21st, 2010 05:41 pm (UTC)
Why thank you. ^_^

I edited a few things in the first gen so please take note everyone...
Jul. 2nd, 2010 05:00 pm (UTC)
Hey! i like this idea, so im gona try it! If you look at my LJ page you should see my new attempts soon! It sounds really cool!
Jul. 3rd, 2010 04:54 pm (UTC)
This is really good I would try it but in the middle of the normal legacy challenge but I will bookmark for later date!
Jul. 6th, 2010 03:59 pm (UTC)
I really like the additional ambitions tasks, they seem funner and more interesting.
Jul. 12th, 2010 01:44 pm (UTC)
this sounds amazingly thought out and fun, it also includes so many careers you cant get bored :D thanks for writing this all out and figuring out the hard stuff, i was going to try to do this just on my own cause i like seeing the different jobs done.
Jul. 19th, 2010 12:46 am (UTC)
oh this sounds like fun! I'll have to save this page and try it out. :)
Aug. 3rd, 2010 12:57 am (UTC)
I just wanted to say, this is a most wonderful idea, and I shall be participating. I look forward to this, thank you for rekindling my love for the Sims. ^^
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